About Us

Atmaya is a multifaceted group of companies involved in diverse businesses and is headed by the second generation i.e. Shri Anil Atmaram Batra.

Atmaya's group was started in 1962 by late Shri Atmaram Batra with the supply of GOPI mixer grinders to Indian Defence sector i.e. Army Canteen CSD. Prior to the supply in CSD, GOPI products were sold in the retail market from 1962 to 1984. In 1984, the product was then introduced in CSD. Over time, the company had expanded its range to more than 200 products in consumer durables and small appliances.

These products were initially sold in the open market and later sold exclusively only through the CSD / Military Canteens across India. The company has over 1500 POS across India covering all major cities and towns of India. The service network spans across India with over 300 service points with well-trained engineers and technicians.

It has always strived to meet the customer satisfaction along with the best quality products like Mixers , Grinders , Food Processors , Emergency Lights.


Spicer International and Goodday Ventures India Pvt Ltd, diversified into distribution of consumer durables, small appliances and mobile phones over the last 10 years across Maharashtra and Goa. 


Atmaya Group of Companies

Atmaya Group has a sturdy panel of associates due to which it has been continuously flourishing in diversified business domains setting a benchmark and thriving towards establishing new business ventures, has been progressing step by step in creating brand new ideas and innovative technology

Zoroy Electronics limited is one of the flagship companies under Atmaya Group, Zoroy is a upcoming brand in the field of Air Conditioning & Cooling.

Zoroy created benchmarks with its unique energy saving series of Air Conditioners with Fixed speed , Inverter series AC , Tower and cassete models. The cutting edge technology adds quality clean air with eco-friendly and energy saving product range.

Atmaya group has spread its wings in the field of exporting Original Blended Indian Spices and Oil Seeds, under the name Atmaya International progressed as one of the leading exporter of a wide range of original Indian spices and agro products to China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines and importer of various Consumer Durables and Home Appliances.

Atmaya Group is pacing up with the new edge technology and business demands , understanding the importance of B2B & B2C business the group has opened its doors for global customers through an e-commerce division by the name Spicer International Pvt.Ltd selling all the Group Company brands and products online through selling partners like Amazon , Snapdeal , PayTM

Atmaya also holds a leading brand “”Sugarlif” the brand has emerged after a wide research and testing of almost 1.5 Decades , Low Glycernic Index (GI) Natural Sugar is the flagship product which helps to give the natural sweetness and helps to fight the mission against Diabetes and body sugar levels the brand also showcase Lemon and Ginger based premixed Tea products

Apart from flagship Electronics and consumer durables Atmaya is also emerging in as a brand in verticals like solar energy and Infrastructure developmet by the names Solarfieeld Power Control Pvt.Ltd and Atmaya infrastructure Pvt.Ltd

We aim at providing our clients with fresh and innovative ideas providing good quality work giving equal importance to customer’s expectations, needs and satisfaction.

Atmaya Group is committed to after sales service and customer satisfaction that marks our beginning of responsibility. We believe our responsibilities go beyond our clients, to the large community we operate in. 


Our core value is to build trust and be reliable to our customers. We at Atmaya Group strongly believe in protecting the environment and have a comprehensive system in place for quality, health, safety and environment.


As a team of dedicated professionals sharing a common goal Atmaya group is not just focused on making a deal but making a difference.


Under the stewardship of Shri Anil Atmaram Batra, the group has grown manifold and presently comprises of the following companies:

  • Zoroy Electronics Limited: Owns the brand Zoroy Air Conditioners, also deals in Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Water Dispenser Pumps, Vacuum Food Sealers, Air Purifiers
  • Atmaya International: exporter of a wide range of original Indian spices and agro products to China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines and importer of various Consumer Durables and Home Appliances
  • Spicer International Pvt Ltd: Sells its own brand of various products on E-commerce i.e. Amazon, PayTM, Snapdeal, etc – Brands like Zoroy AC, Gopi Mixer Grinders, Food Sealers, Headphones, Hammocks, etc.
  • Natural-life Speciality Pvt Ltd: deals in FMHG products and has launched a revolutionary low GI sugar that is poised to change the way the world perceives sugar.
  • Solarfieeld:  is a dynamic integrated Solar EPC Company with presence across the entire solar value chain. Our dedicated efforts towards execution and management with meticulous planning in studying the technical feasibility of each solar project backed with finance helps benchmark amongst others.   
  • Atmaya Infrastructure Pvt Ltd: focuses on construction of residential and commercial structures as promoters and builders in and around Pune.


We follow global practice in product quality and design. Driven by our well-developed intellectual team, we are constantly developing new markets in India for our products to suit the market needs. As an organization we are committed to supplying the highest quality products to our customers all over India. The company has a dedicated team of professionals and possesses complete infrastructure to handle all processes like marketing, finance, compliances, logistics, etc.


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