We have our factory at Pune and Guntur, state-of-art machinery undertaking various production processes thus enabling us to give finished products the required international quality standards.


We have our processing units at Guntur, Warangal, Khammam, Nagpur & Unjha.


Apart from this we have strong tie up with our suppliers who are working since many years and their facility are majorly occupied for supply to us.


Quality Assurance

As the agricultural production is distributed all over India, we have established a complete collection and circulation system throughout the country. The alliance includes farmers, agriculturalists, commodity traders, suppliers, brokers and transporters.

The sourced products are checked for quality and standards at the place of origin. Packing as per client requirement is done at the same point. We work on a strict Transparency / Traceability basis.


Quality Policy

Our Quality Tolerance span across the procurement to the processing and shipping to our clients. We believe in working meticulously and stringently on a plan of action and providing a clear, time honored and a transparent account to our import clients and satisfying them thoroughly of their queries. A detailed step to step report right from the choice of the cultivation, procurement of the crop, specification of the incoming raw material, processing, sorting & packaging necessities are guarded by qualified and experienced hands and utmost care and co-operation for shipping is provided to buyer.


We follow 100% mandatory Traceability Plan that includes Procurement Plan, Storage, Processing, Containerization and Shipping. All required fumigation and other quality certification etc, are maintained as per the request of our clients and our internal corporate governance team. Certifications of goods are provided from agencies like SGS, Geo Chem. or any relevant competent authority. We also keep 100% shipment sample for a period of 3 months from the Bill of Lading date and have our own quality control methodology.


Food safety has become a major concern of everyone. Consumer consciousness and the environmental awareness are increasing the world over & right from its inception Atmaya International has been dedicated to purity and hygiene and when it comes to our goal of maintaining the highest quality standards, nothing is taken for granted.


Atmaya has tied up with Government recognized well equipped quality control laboratories with potentials to test for physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters, to ensure we manufacture safe and pure products and meet our client requirements. We follow the procedure of testing our raw materials on arrival with recognized laboratories to ensure quality control and to process spices of finest quality as per different country norms and regulations laid by the Food Dept.


Tested before shipment, our incoming products are sampled to Spice Regulatory of India standards and sent to independent laboratory facilities for microbiological analysis. We conform to our client’s country food health and safety regulations. Goods-In procedures and batch coding of products ensure traceability is feasible at every stage.

Every product you buy out of Atmaya, passes through documented quality checks. We have built a futuristic quality system that ensures the product is always within the specification.


We are associated with ETO and sterilization units recognized by Government of India; hence Irradiation and Sterilization can also be arranged on customer request, thus giving our clients all the options available in sterilization of spices. Continuous investment in warehouse equipment and machinery ensures constant quality – and products that are second to none. These specifications consider individual characteristics of spices, color, size, density, moisture presence, extraneous matter, damaged products etc.


We export spices as per the specifications prescribed by AGMARK, SPICE BOARD OF INDIA as well as American Spice Trade Association (ASTA). We can also comply with the standards specified by any other importing country.


An admirer of spices knows that the quality of spices is judged by the freshness and purity. Spices acquire their characteristic aroma, the measure of freshness, from the essential oils present in the plant material. Preserving these oils during production is absolutely critical The care we take and the quality we achieve are the result of painstaking attention to detail – so that we can guarantee the provision of pure, flavorsome and quality assured spice products.

Quality Methodology

Every truck load of cargo that is received from production to warehouse is first checked with 10% sampling basis. Each truck report is separately recorded and maintained and reported to the head office QC team before the truck load is approved for warehousing. A copy of the final QC report of the truck load is given to the production team and the shipment team.


While off loading the truck, another fresh set of 10% sampling is done on random basis to re-verify the effectiveness of the first QC report. Here, we do the calibration of the two different 10% sampling done. The data is recorded and provided to the head office QC team. Corrective actions are taken if any major variation noticed from the first sampling process. On a periodical basis, an independent surveyor is hired to do the third sampling and variations are identified between sampling process 1, 2, & 3.


Each lot of the truck lot is carefully marked with QC data and warehouse location data so the shipping team can match the requirement of the customer with the cargo available. Therefore, connecting the warehousing and shipping part of our process. This process enables us to track exactly which truck/production lot goes into which container and therefore the traceability from thereon.



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